Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek hall’s history



Owned by the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek communities, and operated by volunteers from the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Association Inc.


The History

Originally there were two halls in the Obi Obi Valley, Kidaman Creek community hall at Kidaman Creek Road, Kidaman Creek and Obi Obi School of Arts at 856 Obi Obi Road, Obi Obi.

The halls filled an important role in the local area providing venues for the many functions that were a part of life in small rural communities.

From their inception up until the 1960’s both halls were used for range of activities. Dances, balls, tennis, sports days, cards, bowls and markets were held regularly. They were a meeting place for community meetings and private events such as weddings, birthdays, parties aa well as regular church services.

As differing forms of entertainment became available and people became more mobile, their use slowly reduced but still filled a need for community meetings. In time the population in the area declined, causing problems with maintaining membership of the community groups that supported the halls.

Kidaman Creek Public Hall

11 Kidaman Creek Road Kidaman Creek Queensland

Kidaman Creek Public Hall was built on donated land using local community resources in 1921. The hall was built from timber milled from the area.

Kidaman Hall


A small group of supporters maintained the hall in working order , but in March 1995, a strong wind storm from the east blew the hall sideways off its stumps, collapsing the building, which was then demolished.

After determined fund raising by the community, a new hall was able to be built and was opened in October, 1998.

The new Kidaman Hall

The hall continued to be used as a meeting place for community organizations and functions.


The Kidaman Creek Hall property was sold to provide funds to renovate the Obi Obi hall.


Obi OBi School of Arts

Obi Obi Road Obi Obi Queensland

Obi Obi hall in 1913.


The Obi Obi hall was opened in October 1913.  The land for the hall was  donated by Mr A H Goths, the local community provided the building materials, with a total cost of four hundred pounds spent to complete the hall. The stage at the rear of the hall was added in the early 1930’s.

The hall prior to the renovation in 2012


The hall continued to have reasonable if declining patronage up until the mid-1970s, when, due to the death of the last Trustee, the ownership of the Obi Obi property reverted to the Public Trustee.

By the middle of the 80’s  with increasing local population and changing demographics, use of the hall increased.

In the late 1990’s the stewardship of the Obi Obi hall property was passed to the Kidaman Creek Community Hall Association.

In the year 2000, because of the poor condition of the structure, lack of modern facilities and disabled access, use of the hall was restricted.


Obi Obi Hall now.



The sale of the Kidaman Creek hall property  and a grant from Sunshine Couiast Council provided enough funds to for the renovation of the Obi Obi hall.

After extensive repairs to the hall and the addition of a kitchen and toilets, the hall was re-opened on the 17.11.2012

Land at the rear of the existing was leased to the Qld Dept of Emergency Services for the use of the Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade.

Over the last 30 years, a core group of local people have maintaind their support for both halls.

Without their efforts, the renovation of the Obi Obi Hall and the establishment of the fire shed would not have happened.


2 Responses to Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek hall’s history

  1. Phillip Charles Moon says:

    Hello there. My name is Phillip Moon, I am the Grandson of Madeline Beatrice Nora Banks (Moon), who’s Husband or my Grandfather was Charles Edward Moon. They lived along Obi Obi Road, where their old property, the hill across the road, the nearby bridge and a small creek, have recently been had the Moon name placed officially in front of.

    The Moon Family children consisted of; Thora born in 1920 (still alive), Eileen born in 1922 (still alive), Eileen May Isabel Moon (Nell) born on 29 May 1923, but passed away on 22 Dec 1993, Dorothy born on 31 Jan 1924 (still alive), Teresa born 1925 and died in 1925, Betty Madeline Moon born 12 Jan 1926 and passed away on 28 Aug 2014, my Father Charles Wilfred Moon (Sonny) born 08 Jun 1927 (88 and still alive), Beryl born on 13 Jun 1930 (still alive), and finally Jean Heather Moon born 31 Mar 1931 (still alive).

    My Father has told me that they used to go to the Hall for Sunday School and Dances.

    My Grandmother looked after the children and ran the first local phone/telegraph operation, for the entire area from their own home, while my Grandfather looked after the farm. My Father also used to drive the Milk Truck in the area, until he joined the Navy when the Korean War started.

    Phillip Moon

  2. Michael FALLON says:

    Another Family Association – John Delaney BERGIN and his Wife Jane BERGIN (nee Moore) owned the Obi Obi Run (some 80000 acres extending to Yandina before selling it to Jane’s brother Isaac MOORE – who built Kenilworth Homestead.
    Isaac Moore is remembered in terms of Isaac MOORE park in Kenilworth.
    John Delaney and Jane Bergin are my Great Grandparents.
    By way of some acknowledgement, The Bergin lounge will soon be opening at Montville.

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