On 31.08.2011,  an application for a grant of $50,000.00 to fund the rest of the cost of the renovation of the Obi Obi Hall was made by the Association to Sunshine Coast Regional Council (SCRC), this grant application was made in case our grant application with  Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund (JCCBF)  is rejected (the outcome of this application expected sometime in September).

Sunshine Coast Regional Council offers help to the community via their Community Grants Program offering both major grants – from $2,000.00 to $50,000.00 twice a year with applications closing at the end of August and February with notification of results three months later, and minor grants – to $2,000.00 four times a year with applications closing at the end of August, November, February and May, results two months later.

The application was made  easier with most of the information required transferred from our JCCBF application, with the tone of this application varying as a result of the differing questions asked; both grant applications were made online with SCRC’s web site proving much more user-friendly, much to the relief of the applicants as memories of the many previous unsuccessful  attempts to upload the JCBF application with only  hours left to the closing deadline still brings back painful flashbacks (each failure to upload meant that all the information required had to be re-entered) .

Our building consultant EBIS has been asked to amend our hall renovation  working drawings to incorporate various structural improvements that resulted from our discussions with builders during the tender process. When these changes are confirmed by EBIS the re-stumping of the hall will go ahead.


Fire Danger Period Declared

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) has declared a Fire Danger Period resulting in new rules on the lighting of fires.
The Fire Danger Period means Queenslanders will not be allowed to light a fire, regardless of the size, without a permit from midnight Sunday 4 September to midnight on Sunday 1 January 2012.
It is common practice for QFRS to implement a Fire Danger Period during bushfire season as a step towards preventing fire from escaping and potentially putting lives and property at risk.
A Fire Danger Period is not a Fire Ban. It simply means that you may need to receive a Permit to Light Fire for fires where a permit is not usually required, however there are still some types of fires that can be lit without a permit during the Fire Danger Period.
I want to light a fire – what do I do?
1. Contact your local Fire Warden (Obi Obi & Kidaman Creek areas only – phone 54469252) to complete an Application for Permit to Light Fire.
To find your Fire Warden, visit the Fire Warden Finder on the Rural Fire Service website (www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au)
2. Complete the Application for a Permit to Light Fire with your local Fire Warden. You will be granted or denied a Permit depending on the conditions, applicable local laws and your ability to control the fire.
Which fires are exempt from requiring a permit during a Fire Danger Period?
• A fire lit for the purpose of burning the carcass of a beast;
• A fire lit at a sawmill for the purpose of burning sawdust or other residue resulting from the operation of a sawmill;
• A fire lit outdoors for the purpose of cooking and warmth, if enclosed in a fireplace so prepared as to prevent the escape of fire or any burning material.
What is a properly prepared fire place?
A properly prepared fireplace means an area cleared of flammable material around and above the area, so as to prevent the escape of fire or burning material.
Regardless of the type of fireplace, it is the responsibility of the person lighting the fire to ensure all precautions are taken to contain and control the fire.

Is a Fire Danger Period a Fire Ban?
No, however a Fire Ban can still be implemented during a Fire Danger Period.
A Fire Danger Period identifies a time of the year during the fire season when uncontrolled fires can be dangerous.
A Fire Ban would be imposed during this period when conditions are such that fires would be difficult to control and pose a danger to communities.
You should always check if a Fire Ban has been implemented in your area prior to lighting any fires.
Information regarding Fire Bans is available on the Rural Fire Service website, or by calling the Fire Ban Information Line on 1800 020 440.

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