Hall photos


Obi Obi hall  is owned by the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek communities, and operated by volunteers from the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Association Inc.

All photos copyright Dennis Woodford except where indicated otherwise.





The open area in front of the hall





Disabled ramp at the rear







                 storage room



One disabled toilet





Three unisex toilets



All toilets have their own wash basins



Seating – chairs x 140



Four bench seats x 6 m, two bench seats x 4 m ( both approx length)



Tables – 25  plastic topped folding tables – (1.8 x .75 m)


Each table suits two people per side comfortably and three with a little competition from the table’s legs.

Two folding wooden tables – (2.4 x .75 metre)


One high chair.



Apart from our wheelie bins, there are eight metal garbage bins available for use.


1 Response to Hall photos

  1. Frank Nolan says:

    Wow! This brings back very fond memories. In the mid 80’s I was living on Coolabine rd. off of Obi Obi rd. and was playing a regular acoustic guitar gig at Mapleton Pub on sundays. I used to drive by the old hall all the time and think what a great place that would be to hold a party. Back then there were a couple of old outhouses as toilets, one of which was almost falling over. The interior of the hall was over run with pigeons and cow paddy’s. Yes the cows used to walk up the front stairs and through the broken front door.
    I approached the farmer up behind the hall and asked if I could rent it for a weekend. He explained that it hadn’t been used in about 20 years and that I would have to talk to another farmer who lived across the the other side of Obi Obi creek. After speaking with that farmer, I secured a date to rent the hall, paid a $6 rental fee and and gathered a group of friends from the area and proceeded to clean up the hall and get it ready for our event. We rented a couple of portable out houses to supplement the existing one and thus began “The Obi-Doo”. My acoustic duo partner, Jamie, and I played that saturday night along with a 3 piece classic rock band from Brisbane, “Deep Puddle”. We had a pig on a spit, a stew that didn’t turn out so well, but lots of Jack Daniels, beer and a great time. We did it again for the next couple of years and then I moved away from the area, however Jamie continued with the Obi-Doo for a few more years from what I understand.
    It is so good to see the hall in it’s present condition and to know it is still benefitting the local community to this day. It would have been a shame to leave it to the cows.

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