Hall hire information

Obi Obi hall  is owned by the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek communities, and operated by volunteers from the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Association Inc.

Address – 856 Obi Obi Rd Obi Obi QLD 4574

P O Box 276 Mapleton Queensland 4560


Floor plan

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The floor plan can be downloaded to aid planning of seating.


Obi Obi Hall has 144 sq meters of floor area plus stage, and can accommodate up to 100 people seated with our tables and chairs.

The kitchen has a five burner gas stove, small microwave oven, 20 litre electric urn, two dishwashers, large double door drinks fridge, 140 litre chest freezer (holds 11 x 5 kg bags of ice) and one domestic fridge/freezer. . The kitchen equipment includes a small amount of various plates, cups and cutlery. Kitchen cleaning equipment kept.

To aid catering services, the kitchen has a separate external access to the parking area. Some caterers use the concrete pad at the kitchen door as a stand for mobile kitchens or trailer mounted refrigeration unit fridges.

Included are  25 – plastic topped folding tables (each 1.8 x .75 m, seating 3 guests per side), 2 – folding wooden tables (each 2.04 x .75 m), 1 – high chair, 1 – small table, 145 – chairs (metal framed with wood seats) and 1 ironing board as part of the hall hire fee. The hall’s tables and chairs can be used outside on the hall’s grounds. Our hall does not provide tableware.


Obi  Obi Hall and its grounds can accommodate up to a maximum of 100 people.


The hall’s grounds are able to be used for outside wedding ceremonies and receptions. See our page – Hall property plan – https://obiobihall.blog/obi-obi-hall/obi-obi-hall-hire/hall-car-parking/ –    for a site plan.

See our page – Hall photos – https://obiobihall.blog/obi-obi-hall/obi-obi-hall-hire/obi-obi-hall-photos/ for photos of the hall’s interior and tables and chairs.

See our page – Wedding setup photos https://obiobihall.blog/obi-obi-hall/obi-obi-hall-hire/wedding-setup/– for photos of some wedding held at our hall.

The hall has six old wooden bench seats (four x 6 m long and two x 4.5 m  long) placed around the interior of the hall. To reduce the risk of damage to the bench seats, the bench seats cannot be taken outside the hall.

The sign at the entrance to the hall property measures 2.4 m wide by 1.2 m high.

Obi Obi hall complies with 2012 disability standards for parking, hall access and toilet facilities. The hall has one disabled toilet and three unisex toilets.

Fairy lights permanently adorn the hall’s interior ceiling.

External power points are provided for use with functions held on the hall’s grounds.

Garbage, we provide eight wheelie bins for your garbage and have available eight metal garbage bins for temporary use inside and outside the hall.

The hall does not have air conditioning, heating or a public address system.

Parking – limited parking, 45 vehicles in Staves Rd and on the hall’s grounds, no Obi Obi Rd parking available, bus hire is available.

The use of marquees, dance floors or other structures on the hall’s grounds is allowed but requires the permission of the hall’s Management Committee. Mobile catering vans allowed.

Staves Rd and the hall’s parking area can be accessed by vehicles in most weathers.

 Communication. No land line but mobile phone reception available.

Access – Obi Obi hall is situated in the Obi Obi valley, a 45 minute drive from Maroochydore via Mapleton and a one hour drive from Noosa via Eumundi.

Be aware that while travelling from Mapleton to the Obi Obi hall,  the Obi Obi rd descends to the floor of the Obi Obi valley via a one way winding dirt road that some drivers find challenging. The down range section of the road has a vehicle length limit of 8.8m.  The ascent is by a more modern sealed road.



Weddings – minimum hire period – 2.5 days  (one day to set up, next day the wedding and a half day for pack-up.

Hall hire fee for 2.5 days – $2150.00 including GST (2024 price)

Each hall hirer is also required to get their own event public liability insurance for the period of hire (cost around $220.00), and can be obtained through an insurance broker.  Providing confirmation of obtaining insurance is required one month before the hire period.

A bond of $800.00 is required, which is refundable following a successful inspection of the hall and grounds after the hire period. The bond is required to be lodged one month before the hire period.

The hiring process. Usually after an initial inspection, the hall”s secretary emails the hirer a written quote with internet banking details and a hall hire confirmation form. The hirer returns the completed hall hire confirmation form and pays the $500 deposit (2024 price) completing the booking. The payment of the balance of the hire fee is required to be completed one month before the hire period.

A booking will be accepted only after a written quote of hire costs and other conditions is given to the potential hall hirer.

Hall hire includes a free professional cleaning of the interior of the hall, kitchen and toilets after the hire period.

The hirer is required to return all furniture, appliances and equipment to original locations, to remove all decorations that may have been erected both inside and outside the hall and remove rubbish from the hall and grounds into the hall’s wheelie bins.

Payment by internet banking preferred, credit card service not available.


To help with wedding planning, we allow two further hall visits after booking the hall following initial inspections.

The farmer that owns the property surrounding the hall breeds bulls for sale. The paddocks adjacent to the hall could contain bulls that may be aggressive or cows that may be protective of their calves. DO NOT ENTER.

Hired equipment can be picked up by hire companies on the following Monday.

Decoration of the interior hall is allowed, with a step ladder provided.

All loud noise, e.g. amplified music is to stop at 11.00 pm.

No naked flame (candles or tea lights) inside the hall.

No confetti or hay bales inside the hall, but outside the hall is permitted. Use small sized biodegradable confetti, it breaks down quicker. No plastic confetti please.

No camping allowed at the hall.

BYO alcohol allowed.

No dogs.


Each hall hirer is required to get their own event public liability insurance.

Event public liability insurance  covers the hirer if the hirer is found to be legally responsible for personal injury to a third party or damage to their property.

Most insurance brokers can provide quotes for events. We require a one off event public liability insurance for the total hiring period for a minimum of $5,000,000.00 cover.

Home or business insurance may be able to be extended to provide cover for your event.

Some information on event insurance brokers  can be found on the page – Wedding insurance – on the top right side of this page or use the link below.


Bands, caterers and wedding planners must have their own public liability insurance.


The Association will not hold a date for a client prior to completing the hiring process.

The hall’s water supply is filtered and UV treated rainwater only, which is collected off the hall’s roof and stored in metal water tanks.

The balance of the hire fee, the public liability insurance and the bond have to be to be finalized at least one month prior to your event .

Some information on suppliers of associated event hire services  can be found on the page – WEDDING RELATED SERVICES – on the top right side of this page or use the link below.


Our hall is offered for hire for a limited amount of events per calendar year.


For further information, hall bookings or if you would like to inspect our hall, please contact the hall’s secretary – Dennis Woodford – Email – obiobihall@gmail.com

.Or use the contact form below.

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