After a concerted effort by the Management Committee the following has occurred.

1. A builder has been selected for the renovation, Murray Peterson of Maleny.

2. On 31.05.11,  a grant application asking for $80,000.00 to supplement the renovation was  made to Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund. Six expressions of interest and three Sponsor’s letters of support were attached.  It will be 3 to 4 months before a decision is made on our application.  The Management Committee has decided to proceed with the re-stumping of the existing hall separate to the rest of the renovation.

3. Our Association now has 59 members consisting of 39 ordinary, 3 special and 17 associate.

4. There was a relaxation of the footing specifications under the existing hall by our building consultant EBIS. Apart from the perimeter(load bearing) footings, the depth of the internal footings has been reduced to 900mm, this will reduce the work required and the resultant cost – quoted $35,000.00.

5. 22 truck loads of road base (at no cost) delivered to the Obi Obi hall property. This will be used to stabilize the soft areas around the hall, which will enable all weather access for the restoration.

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