The continuing Tender process.

As of 11th April, after an extension of time for two Builders, three tender responses with a mean cost of $330,000.00 have been received. All the remaining Builders registered either contacted us, or were followed up by the Management Committee, with all deciding not to quote because of other commitments.

At a Management and Building Committee meeting on 11.05.2011, feedback from the Builders was considered and the Tender responses analyzed.  The responses varied as a result of deviations from our Scope of Works due to interpretations relating to their own building standards. This caused complications for the Management and Building Committees in coming to a decision.  The Builders will be contacted for clarification of parts of their quotes. The re-stumping requirement for the existing hall and extension (concrete footings 350 mm wide x 1500 mm deep) was a common and expensive difficulty with two Builders estimating that re-stumping would cost from $30,000.00 to $60,000.00. Another re-stumping quote will be obtained by the Management Committee to enable a more informed judgment.

Funding the renovation.

At the meeting the funding of the renovation via the process of a grant application to the Community Benefit Fund was discussed. Three sponsors are required to support the application. Our State MP Peter Wellington and local Councillors Paul Tatton and Jenny McKay will be asked to sponsor our application.

The application requires us to substantiate our communities need for a community hall with a written submission by the Association, supporting letters from other organizations willing to use the hall, plus facts relating our membership numbers and recent uses of the hall.

Note: our current financial membership currently totals 23 members consisting of 19 ordinary and 4 special members.

Because of our Not for Profit status we are eligible to claim back the GST component of the renovation’s cost. The Management Committee is going through the process of registering for GST with the Australian Taxation Office. This will place extra work upon the Treasurer as registration requires us to submit regular BASS statements but registration should save 10% of the renovation cost.

Our 2011 Annual General Meeting

On the 30th of March, Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Inc held their 2010 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Kenilworth Hall. According to our Model Rules our AGM has to be held within three months of the close of the financial year (31st December). The AGM is dependent upon the completion of an Audit of the Association’s financial affairs by an accountant, which is the result of our Treasurer collating and verifying the year’s financial accounts.

Another requirement is that the holding of the AGM must be advertised a minimum of one month before that date.

The business of an AGM is to review and endorse the activities of the Management Committee and members during the previous year and to elect a new Management Committee. This process allows the actions of the Association and the Management Committee during the previous year to be legally recorded as a result of the lodging of the Audit along with the AGM Minutes with the Queensland Dept of Justice and Attorney-General.

The meeting was addressed by the retiring President who summarized the activities of the Association over the last year and raised several matters

  • Extra funds are required to complete the renovation, possibly via Gambling Fund grants and community fund-raising by the Association, but because of our public liability insurance, the Association is unable to use the hall or its grounds for functions.
  • Competition for funds from communities in flood damaged parts of Queensland will have a bearing on our application.
  • A larger membership base would add to the credibility of grant applications with an appeal for members to canvass for extra members and to consider ways to raise funds.
  • That the Association is presently unable to use the Obi Obi Hall for meetings, and with most members having access to the internet , the official office for the Association will be Associations Blog, with a plea to members that as it is interactive, to use it for feedback.
  • That during the year, all of the Management Committee’s time and focus has been on the hall restoration with one General Meeting held during the year updating progress with the hall renovation.

The review of the year’s activities of the Association (incoming and outgoing correspondence and the Treasurer’s Report) was dutifully carried out with the members paying attention to every detail.

The retiring President then declared all management positions vacant after thanking members of the Management and Building Committees for their efforts.

Election of the Management Committee.

With the previous Management Committee nominating to continue in current positions and with no other nominations received, the meeting decided to re-elect the previous Management Committee members as the Management Committee for the 2011 year.

The previous Building Committee was also re-elected.

After the conclusion of the AGM an update of the Tender process and the Grant application was given, noting that in preparation to obtain grants, the Association had applied and received from the Australian Taxation Office a Tax File Number (TFN),  an Australian Business number (ABN) and registration with the Community Benefit Fund to start the application process .


An internet bank transfer payment of the $10.00 membership fee for lapsed Ordinary Members can be made to the Association’s bank account in the Association’s name using  BSB – 064 424  Account number – 10526185. This payment method will only function properly if confirmation of a payment is made directly to the Treasurer. With the Treasurer unable to internet access the Association’s accounts and only able to view paper bank accounts monthly, without email confirmation, confusion over payment may result. All other methods of payment are still accepted.

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