An update.

Hall tender process.

So far one builders response has been received, with three other builders granted an extension of time.

Trustee removal.

Recently a request had been made to our solicitor Cartwrights Lawyers to give legal advice on the possibility of the Association obtaining sole ownership of the Obi Obi hall property.

For some time now the Association has been involved in another attempt by Trustee Hermann Schwabe (no longer residing in the valley) to have himself removed as a Trustee of our Association – at present the property is co-owned by two individual trustees and the Association.

Initial inquiries by Herman, with the assistance of Peter Wellington and the Association led to advice from the Minister for Natural Resources Mines and Energy that possibly the Association could obtain sole ownership therefore eliminating the other Trustees.

Cartwrights Lawyers have responded with the advice that , because of having no living Trust beneficiaries and with the complication in the Trust of the use of the origional name Obi Obi school of Arts for the Obi Obi hall property legally discontinued, the Trustees does not have the power to dispose of the property in this manner.

Also, that another possible method would be to request to the Supreme Court for a transfer of the property via the Trusts Act 1973 – but complicated by the fact that under the Trusts Act the Association would be trying to transfer property to itself – and with the advice that taking this action would be lengthy and costly. Cartwrights lawyers also advised that Sunshine Coast Council could become the trustee of the property. The Association followed up this option years ago with the Council declining.

Note:  Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday night, the 30th of March, at Kenilworth Hall.

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