Election of a new management Committee.

Regarding our coming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 30.03.11 and the election of a new Management Committee, please note the following extract from our Model Rules.

Membership of Management committee

Section 11, part (3), (b),

A list of the the candidates’ names in alphabetical order,  with the proposer’ and seconders’ names, shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the office or usual place of meeting of the Association for at least seven days immediately preceding the AGM.

Without an office or a usual place of meeting, our blog seemed an appropriate place to advertise nominations received for the above positions.

As of the 20.03.11, the following four nominations were received by the Association’s secretary.

Pam Engle nominated for Treasurer by Steven Walker, seconded Rodney Heading.

Rodney Heading nominated for Vice President by Steven Walker, seconded Pam Engle.

Steven Walker nominated for President by Rodney Heading, seconded Pam Engle.

Dennis Woodford nominated for Secretary by Steven Walker, seconded Pam Engle.

At the hall.

With more visitors at the hall because of the tender process and a reduced  grass cover as a result of much lawn grub activity, a clean-up at the property was organized by Pam Engle. On Tuesday 08.03.11, Pam Engle, Dennis Woodford, Grahame Beljon and Jenny Beljon with ride-on mowers and whipper snippers mowed the entire property.

From our Comments.

Regarding the oddity noted on the previous post below, a comment from Suzie Hopkins has been received

So what is this ?
Is anyone aware of the nature of this rock formation? I am always curious of such things .

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