The Tender.

Tender documents containing information relating to the renovation of the Obi Obi hall have been passed to twelve local builders for their assessment. Tender submissions close 28.03.2011. See the Pages section of this blog for more tender information.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The 2010 AGM will be held at 7.30 pm on the 30.03.2011 at Kenilworth Hall. The meetings agenda will be summarize the years activities and to elect a new Management Committee.

An oddity.

Located just below the tightest corner on the one way down section of the Obi Obi road. The corner after the road constriction caused by a slip.

Noticed by Will.


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1 Response to A MILESTONE

  1. Suzie Hopkins says:

    So what is this ?
    Is anyone aware of the nature of this rock formation? I am always curious of such things .

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