With the generous permission and support of the Kenilworth Hall, Show & Recreational Ground Association Inc, a lightly attended General Meeting was held for the first time in this small cozy room. With cordial company, the pleasant matter of deciding the final stages of the hall renovation was carried out, concluding with a generous supper provided by Pam Engle.

We now have two new members in our Association with Tonia Walker and Greg Twitt admitted as ordinary members at a Management Committee held on 25.10.2010.

The Working Drawings for the hall were perused with several inaccuracies noted, these will require further drawing modifications but will not affect the tender process.

The matter of who would make the final decision on which builder would be used for the renovation was discussed with a motion passed to allow the Management and Building Committees to make this decision. Eleven builders are interested in quoting for the renovation.

Michael O’Bryan – Kenilworth.

Murray Peterson – Maleny

J Bauch – Maleny

P Hinds – Kenilworth

R McMaster – Kenilworth

Michael Cole – Maleny

Ross Sinclair – Mapleton

Glen Carlson – Imbul

Ed Lawley – Maleny

Ben Beziac – Maleny

Welch Homes – Beerwah

Recent local newspaper articles concerning the history of the Obi Obi Hall were another topic discussed. The meeting recognizing that there was a need to update past histories published by the Association, to include recent contributions made by the community, with the aim of presenting a new history in conjunction with the completion of the hall renovation.

At this meeting updates were given to some of the matters before the Management Committee.

The ongoing matters of the arrangement of our property Trustees and the proposed Fire Shed. Not much progress in either matter. Our solicitor has been asked to investigate the possibility of our Association becoming sole owner of the property, negating the need for Trustees; and Peter Wellington is still perusing possible changes to current Trustee Rules at State level. Following input provided by Peter Wellington to the Department of Emergency services, the obstacle of State flooding regulations stopping the Fire shed building application has been avoided. The Obi Obi Fire Brigade and Emergency Services Queensland are now working through the process of a building application to Sunshine Coast Regional Council, with Peter Wellington involved with the problem of Council flooding regulations.

Because there may be a shortfall in available funds for the restoration of the hall, the Management Committee will mount an application for extra funds from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund. Renovation costs were estimated at $280,000.00 two years ago and exclude other required ancillary items and there is funds presently held in our bank accounts of $258,000.00 approx.

Approximate costs relating to the renovation so far

  • Council development application – $1,200.00
  • EBIS’s working drawings to date – $4,700.00
  • Grid – $1,500.00
  • Fencing – $1,210.00
  • Q Leave – $1,470.00 (a portable paid long service leave scheme for the building and construction industry) required as part of our building application approval.

Our Treasurer’s diligence in obtaining the best interest return from our investments has helped to financed expenses (association running costs and hall renovation) of $12,000.00 approx over the last two years while still retaining a healthy bank balance.

Payment of membership fees can now be made using the internet to directly deposit funds to our Commonwealth Bank account  Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek Hall, bsb – 064424 account – 10526185. Print and retain a copy of the transaction as proof of payment.

For auditing purposes a professional valuer has appraised the Obi Obi Hall property and set a current value of $250,000.00

Recently the band “Rain” used the Obi Obi Hall as a subject for the recording of a music video. The band and the video production team would be willing to assist us with publicity for the hall and that for about $300.00 a promotional video of fifteen minutes length could be made.

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