General Meeting 17.11.10

A General meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on the 17th November, 2010 at the Kenilworth Hall Supper Room. At this meeting the Management Committee would like to bring members up to date with the latest developments with the renovation of the hall.

The working drawings have been amended by EBIS allowing the Management and Building Committee to proceed with assembling the tender documents for distribution to interested Builders. The tender documents will comprise of:

  • Working Drawings.
  • Plumbing and Drainage.
  • Scope of Works (extra requirements not mentioned in the working drawings).
  • Schedule of Finishes (painting and floor and wall finishes).

In order to make effective use of our available funds, allowances will be made to include in quoting the option of the Association sourcing some of the required building materials.

At this stage, in the assembling of the information required for the Scope of Works and Schedule of Finishes, valuable input is being provided by the Building Committee and Lex Freiburg

Please Note.

Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade would like our community to note the following notice taken from the website of the Rural Fire Service.

Declared Fire Danger Period

Cancellation of the declared Fire Danger Period for 2010

The Commissioner QFRS has reviewed the need to continue the declared Fire Danger Period across Queensland. With the early onset of wet weather and the resultant low fire risk conditions, the Commissioner has decided to cancel the Fire Danger Period as of Friday 22 October 2010. A notification has been prepared for the Queensland Government Gazette to formally cancel the declaration and return Queensland to normal permit conditions.

The declared Fire Danger Period required people wishing to use fire to obtain a permit for all fires regardless of size unless the fire was for cooking purposes or was of a special class exempt for industry purposes. The cancellation of the Fire Danger period returns us to a position where a permit is not required to light a fire with dimensions less than 2 metres in any direction, provided due care is taken.

Following the successful implementation of this years Fire Danger period, QFRS will monitor seasonal conditions through to the next fire season and reintroduce the additional restrictions when required

For further information or fire permits, please contact our acting Fire Warden, Grahame Beljon on 54469252

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