The process of getting building approval for the renovation of the Obi Obi Hall started in October 2009 with a request to Sunshine Coast Council for a discount on the building application fee. Last Friday, the 17th, we received from Sunshine Coast Council via Country Coastal Certifiers approval of our building application for the renovation. This Approval includes a Compliance Certificate from EBIS, our modified floor plan (as shown on the drawing in the previous post below), and a full set of our working drawings all stamped – APPROVED by Country Coastal Certifiers.

This approval is subject to the changing of the working drawings to include the modified floor plan. Building Design Company EBIS will be asked to incorporate the floor plan modifications into the drawings which will then be returned to the Assessment Manager for final approval. This modified floor plan is the amended version referred to in the Application Decision Notice, Approved Plans, part 2 above, so the Assessment Manager’s final approval is formal only.

With the completion of the amendments to the working drawings, the Management Committee will be able to move to the next step of asking selected Builders to tender for the renovation.

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