We have been notified that our application for a grant to Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund (JCCBF) was unsuccessful.

Our grant application for $50,000.00 to Sunshine Coast Regional Council (SCRC) is still pending with a response expected at the end of December.  With the possibility of another unsuccessful grant application, the Management Committee has decided to investigate with our builder Murray Pearson, the possibility of commencing in the New Year, the major part of the renovation without the extra grant funding.  Extra funding can be sourced through the next JCCBF grant round commencing in January 2012.

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  1. I’m only a relatively new member, so please take my comments as intending to help.

    Where I grew up, everybody would pitch in on a working bee each weekend until it was done. I’m sure people would contribute some hours here, some materials there, to get it renovated. I would be delighted to help.

    Please understand that I’m not being critical when I suggest this. I just worry that it might be a more efficient way of using resources than spending money on applications for funding to organisations that bind up the hall in red tape. I well understand that applications for funding always look attractive ahead of time, but if they simply delay the hall indefinitely and/or attach strings to its use that lessen its potential community value, then are they really worth it?

    Best wishes,

    – Miriam

  2. Just reading through older posts, I see that the association has had working bees already. I should have read them more before speaking. As I say, I’m a relatively new member (6 months). It does confirm that working bees can achieve much, though. Perhaps making them a regular (weekly? fortnightly? monthly?) event would push things along.

    The insurance is a major stumbling block, as it has become for many groups now, in fact insurance seems to have crippled many clubs and social groups all across Australia. I’m not sure how to solve that.

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