A response to a comment on our previous blog post – SOME KIND OF PROGRESS  – regarding the use of volunteer labour to help with the hall renovation. We wish we could!

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Until the hall renovation is completed and Council building approval is obtained, we are unable to hold any activities using the hall.

The Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Association is required by Queensland Government’s Office of Fair Trading to hold public liability insurance.

The information below is taken from the Office of Fair Trading  web site.

Public liability insurance protects your incorporated association if a person is injured, or their property is damaged, due to an incident on the incorporated association´s property or due to the incorporated association´s actions.

Public liability insurance is compulsory if your incorporated association owns or leases land, or holds land in trust.

Your incorporated association´s management committee must assess the need for insurance and decide how much insurance it needs, if any.

Your management committee is legally required to:

  • review insurance requirements each year and report the results at the annual general meeting
  • tell members the risks if no public liability insurance is taken out
  • tell people applying to be members, and nominees for election to the management committee, whether your incorporated association has public liability insurance and how much coverage it has
  • tell any person or entity who your incorporated association deals with if it does not have public liability insurance.

If your incorporated association decides not to take out adequate public liability insurance, you need to be aware of the risks, including that:

  • businesses may refuse to deal with your incorporated association
  • your incorporated association´s assets may be at risk if someone makes a claim.

While the law does give some protection to an incorporated association´s members for liability, this protection may not be absolute. For example, if the incorporated association is found to be negligent in its actions, a court may find it liable. Seek professional advice about your incorporated association´s individual situation and needs.

Our public liability insurer Lloyds Underwriting Australia, has placed restrictions on what activities that our Association can carry out at the hall property, with access to the hall restricted to Management Committee members only and this access gained only after further negotiation.

The essential part of our current insurance policy.

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3 Responses to

  1. Anne Macdonald says:

    That`s great progress( and I`m not being sarcastic)
    Will watch with interest the re-stumping of the hall.

  2. Ray Passmore says:

    Great to see something happening to the hall at last. Have many happy memories of times spent there. Congratulations to all involved. The renovated hall and associated fire brigade building will be a great community asset. Cheers Ray Passmore.

  3. Suzie Hopkins says:

    Dont be a stranger if you need help hoppy the kids and i are always around some where. Please ring if help is needed with the hall, Pam has our phone numbers.

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