Another Obi Surplus, this Wednesday, the 7th

At this Obi Surplus there will be a demonstration on brewing kombucha


An oddity – Green hoverfly larvae

Found in a plastic bucket full of water

The larvae of this hoverfly species, Austalis copiosa, are called rat-tailed maggots. The ‘tail’ is actually a tube that acts like a long snorkel which allows the maggot to breathe while living in stagnant water; the type of smelly water you sometimes find in drains and gutters. The tube is telescopic and can be many times the length of the maggot when fully extended.

Hover Fly on Lantana, Family Syrphidae

Taken from  Queensland Museum’s website 


PLEASE NOTE: The origional hall front doors and most of the wood have found a home


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Because of the need for more storage room for the hall’s equipment, the under stage storage area is being re-organized

Above, windows, doors and other materials replaced during the hall’s renovation were stored under the stage, now they have to go



Much equipment has been acquired for the running of  our Motorcycle Show and Shine event, At present it is temporally stored in the fire shed but needs a permanent home


The origional hall windows are looking for a new home

Condition (they are 100 years old), seven are ok, seven are poor  and six badly aged


The origional front doors need a home too

They are in good condition, solid hardwood construction


Two softwood planks, one 350 x 20 x 5 m long and the other 300 x 20 x 3 m long (approx)

Both have a split along the grain in the middle of each plank, apart from this defect, they are in good condition


Last week’s wedding


Two fans have been fitted to the hall’s stage

Not much natural air movement on the stage


These fungi came up in a pot during the recent rain, never seen them before

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii

Claimed to be common, usually a result of spores in potting mix, considered inedible



We will no longer have advertising over which we had no control appearing on the blog.  We have upgraded our WordPress plan to change our domain name to “” which will make our website more accessible to internet search engines. The new plan costing $60.00 annually also removes the advertising. Prior to this our blog was free.


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Eva Ford, Catchment Officer with the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee, is asking all landholders in the Obi and Kidaman Creek communities to contribute to the Find a Frog in February citizen science program. This information is accessed by all sorts of people and agencies for planning, research, development applications, general interest. This is how you can make a difference to the future good management of our native species and their habitats.



Another meeting of  Sunshine Coast Community Hall Committee members at Eudlo Hall

Buderim Hall, Caloundra Hall, Cooloolabin Hall, Eudlo Hall, Gheerulla Hall, Kureelpa Hall, Landsborough Hall, Mapleton Hall, Mooloolah Hall Peachester Hall and Obi Obi Hall attended this bi-monthly meeting.

A proposal by a group of Sunshine Coast performers and artists to provide a travelling show celebrating nature through songs, photography, stories and verse which would be presented monthly rotating through local community halls  was presented.

A trivia night competition between community halls and an alternative wedding expo promoting community halls were discussed.


First wedding for 2018



Various fire brigades including Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade attended a large grass fire at Cambroon last Saturday night


Debrief after extinguishing the fire



March Obi Surplus Enjoyment awaits and hopefully it will be as wonderful as our last one.  If you were lucky enough to enjoy Julie’s honey could you please bring back the jar.  Also it’s time to plant garlic so let’s put in a bit extra for the surplus (Garlic does well in pots too)

Melissa Van Kenyon – Obi Surplus Co-coordinator

A grafting demonstration was held at the last Obi Surplus held on the 7th of February



Richmond birdwing butterflies have been noticed in the Obi valley

See –




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