Kidaman Creek Community Hall Association

Our next general meeting will be on the 11.05.08, 2.00 pm at the Obi Obi Hall property.

Topic – to discuss the Obi property development.

A management committee meeting was held at Pam Engle’s house. The main business of the meeting was to transfer to Pam all information required to carry out her new role of treasurer.


The Kidaman Creek Hall property was sold.

The Kidaman Hall was emptied out prior to the sale handover on 08.04.08.
Dennis Woodford, John McKenzie, Will & Cindy & Zoe MacDonald moved the furniture,kitchen equipment and flagpole up to the Obi Obi Hall for storage.

Our President, Cindy MacDonald passed on to John Cuttmore 1st officer (Obi Obi Rural Fire brigade) the signed Lease documents for the rear section of the Obi Obi Hall property.
Upon this leased area, the Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade will establish their operational headquarters.

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