Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade responded to a fire  in  National Park land on the Witta end of Kidaman Creek/ Suicide road.


 Obi Obi and Maleny Rural Fire Brigades, State Emergency Service and State Foresters at the staging area getting ready for a briefing before commencing a back burning operation. The Officer-in-Charge (wearing the red tabard) organizes  the different services on the fire ground and controls the fire fighting.


Back burning into the fire on top of the ridge



A large tree on fire adjacent to the road  with a hollow core or pipe. This tree would eventually collapse with the possibility of  falling across the road, endangering road users and starting a new wild-fire.

Pipe 1a

The flame exiting up in the tree’s crown and its burning base.


The tree was a  was cut down by a forester.


Done in semi darkness, on sloping land, with part of the tree’s base burning fiercely, and the threat of burning branches and embers falling from above.


Clearing the fallen tree off Kidaman Creek/ Suicide road.


The Suicide or Kidaman Creek rd, the Qld Fire and Rescue Service  Obi Obi Brigade area map has the forest section as Suicide Road.


While sarching for information on The Suicide Track came across this from the National Library of Australia

From THE CHRONICLE – Friday 16 September 1921 – Advertising section

J J Wilkinson Auctioneer, Land and Livestock Salesman Nambour

FARM PROPERTIES. £2000 — Splendid scrub dairy farm, beautifully grassed, and sheltered, 5 miles Yandina, 82 acres, fenced and sub., per water, small house. good yards and bails. 3 acres bananas in full profit, I acres being planted, new 90 gall, sep., cream cans and utensils, 40 tip-top milkers, bull, 2 horses, sp. cart and harness, £ 750 down balance easy.

£2500 — Tip-top dairy farm. Bald Knob-. well sheltered, 100 acres rich scrub land, 10 acres forest, 90 acres beaut, grassed with pas. Rhodes, grass and clover. 10 acres standing scrub for bananas, per. water, good residence, yards, cow shed and bail. 25 milkers, bull, 11 springers, some young stock. 88 gall. sep.. cream cans, etc., sulky, horse and harness, going concern. £1200 down, balance to be arranged.

£1600 — Fine dairy farm, 6 miles from Nambour, river frontage, splendidly grassed, good residence, splendid yards, cow shed and bails, fenced and subdivided half cash and balance easy, stock and plant at valuation.

£1500 — Cheap dairy farm at Montville, 110 acres, scrub and forest land. 70 acres splendid paspalum paddock, house, yards and bails. 30 milkers, 10 poddies. £500 down and balance easy.

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2 Responses to 01.12.2012

  1. rebecca says:

    great photos! good to see as we were blissfully ignorant of this nearby fire! thanks.

  2. pvowels says:

    You did a great job guys …all the best from 685 KCRoad …

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