Centenary Celebrations Preparations

The  Hall has a name.



A  working bee to prepare the hall for the Centenary celebration was held last Saturday, 12th October.



The Obi Obi hall has been cleaned, scrubbed inside and out, and the grounds wippered and mowed.







Fire pit ready



Not a cobweb or bird poo anywhere.



Collecting timber for the wood working demonstration.



The Management Committee receives inquiries for a picturesque outdoor location close to the Obi Obi Hall that could be used for wedding ceremonies. A suitable area would be an asset  for the hiring of the hall. Contact the Secretary for more information.

Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade has signed a contract with Unique Homes Maleny for the construction of the  Fire shed at the Obi Obi hall property. A building start is not expected for at least one month.

Neil Wilson, one of the valley’s earlier residents will be presenting a display of old woodworking tools. Any other interested collectors may wish to  contribute to the display on the day.


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