The Gnomes

The Rain

My Fur Coat


Entry fee $20.00

Bar and food available.

No dogs, no glass.


The Cutmore-Bradford Working Bee.

At work filling in the trenching.

004 (2)

Scott Bradford behind the camera


Advertising in Mapleton for the New Year’s Eve party



Getting up the banner.


Dedicated poles on each side of the Obi Obi Mapleton Rd  provides support for signage.


The fire shed ready for cladding, work to be continued in the new year.



Laying of electrical and telephone conduits in the trenching.


Electrical work by Geoff Nobile of Mapleton.


Fire shed frame erected.



Trenching for fire shed power and telephone.


240 volt power for the fire shed will be added to the existing aerial supply running to the hall from Obi Obi Road, then underground to the fire shed. A trench from the Obi Obi Road boundary running along the northern boundary fence to the fire shed will contain a conduit for a telephone connection, along with a trench for a conduit to the hall which will provide the option of a telephone connection for the hall.



Roads update: Obi Obi Road

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is pleased to advise that the downhill gravel section of Obi Obi Road will be open in time for Christmas.

To date, reconstruction to repair damage from the January 2011 floods has included the installation of precast planks anchored in place to restore the shoulders and the reinstatement of guardrail. Further work will be required in the new year to complete the project, which has been delayed by design and construction issues because of the narrow width and rocky terrain.

When crews resume work on 6 January 2014, traffic will be diverted via George Wyer Scenic Drive when work is underway. Traffic controllers and a pilot vehicle will be used to safely guide traffic and minimise delays. The downhill gravel section of Obi Obi Road will remain open outside work hours.

We appreciate ongoing lane closures are an inconvenience for motorists and the local community and are endeavouring to complete this project as quickly as possible. It is anticipated that all additional work will be completed by the end of January 2014, weather permitting.

Until the completion of all work on Obi Obi Road, a 20km/h speed limit will be in place on the downhill gravel section. Motorists are reminded that this speed limit is in place for their safety and to be aware of changed traffic conditions when travelling in the work area. We thank the community for its ongoing patience and co-operation and hope you have a safe and happy festive season.

For further information about the project, the project team can be contacted on 1800 459 366 or by email on reconstruct_northcoast@tmr.qld.gov.au.

This project is being delivered under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements, a joint federal and state initiative. Under these arrangements, the Australian Government provides 75 per cent of the funding, with 25 per cent from the Queensland Government.

Yours sincerely

Lisa Shirley
TNRP Communications Officer | North Coast Region


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