The hall has acquired nine second-hand folding tables. They will providing better facilities for hirers while a grant is sourced for a set of new tables.


This makes a total of eleven plastic folding tables plus our three existing wooden folding tables (now repaired) , this complements our one hundred and fifteen chairs.


Sunshine Coast Council has constructed piped entry  crossings into the hall and the fire shed parking areas.


A drain was also cut along Stave Road


The crossings

Most of the council supplied road-base went into the crossings and vehicle access to the fire shed.


Councillor Greg Rogerson and Sunshine Coast Council provided the funds to construct the crossings, with Greg instrumental in moving the project along.


Treasurer and Secretary conducting internet banking transactions with a wireless internet connected laptop on the boot of a car somewhere where there is also mobile phone reception (needed to receive from our bank a text with a confirming password).



Blackall Range motorcycle Club presenting  a donation of $200.00 to the Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade



The fire shed is currently being painted.



The working bee held on the 9th of August.

Some much needed improvements and maintenance were  carried out.


Clockwise from top left, identified wheelie bins, our storage rooms organized, a designated pathway to the electric pump, and.a pipe and in-line tap fitted for a water point at the front of the hall.  Also the windows were cleaned, and the disabled ramp decking nails hammered down where protruding (due to wood shrinkage).


Some of the workers.


Clockwise from top left, attempting to repair part of the fairy light display, laying the poly pipe for the tap at the front of the hall (needed to service the fire circle), painting the fence around the tanks and refurbishing and painting the hall’s road sign.


The Council supplied road-base for the installation of piped crossings for the hall and fire shed. Ten loads of ground up damaged asphalt road material were delivered.



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