Working bee  Saturday 27.02.16, 9.00 am start.

General Meeting Thursday 03.03.16, 7.30pm.

The candidates for the Sunshine Coast Council elections to be held on March 19th.


Division 5

Angela Green

Jenny McKay –

Yvonne Dalziel

Susan Etheridge – Queensland Greens

Division 10

1. Greg Rogerson –

2. Sue Pele –

3. Michelle Blythe – Queensland Greens

4. Lenore Pople –

5. Mike Strano –

Concurrently, a referendum on changing Queensland state parliament terms from variable three year to fixed four year will be held.

More information at  – Electoral Commission Queensland –

An acquisition, a new freezer to compliment the large drinks fridge.



Two large door mats were donated to the hall.


 Working bee  Saturday 27.02.16, 9.00 am start.

Using a backhoe, the pile of earth at the rear of the car park will be used for landscaping other areas of the hall’s property.


Other areas that need attention.

The wood pile needs to be stacked higher to avoid the following.



White ants in nearby timber.



The posts holding up of our road edge sign have been eaten out by white ants and are now supported by star pickets attached to the post and wire bracing. Replacement posts using 100 mm square steel are being organized.



The legs of some of the bench seats were extended to bring the height up to the same height as the hall’s chairs, also, to reduce damage to the floor, a section of carpet was glued to the bottom of the legs.

These extensions need to be stained.



Also this power point.


The fairy light string that runs up the fascia board is not working properly and needs to be replaced.


One of the stage ceiling fans needs fixing.


The fire blanket support is broken.


The hall’s fire safety equipment is professionally checked every six months.

There is a depression under the kitchen floor, water pools here during wet periods. Dark wet areas aid the establishment of white ants. this area will be filled with earth.



The under stage storage area.

To reduce the risk of white ants, this stack of used building and painting materials needs to be reorganized and lifted off the floor.



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