motor show poster7

Our Association now has a Motorcycle Show Sub-Committe, formed to organize and run a fund raising  Motorcycle show at the Obi Obi Hall on the 25th of September 2016.



Advertizing for the show mounted on a car trailer at the entrance to the Obi Obi Hall.


Gheerulla Hall update

An enthusiastic group of local people attended their Annual General Meeting at the hall on the 14th of May, at this meeting a new Management Committee was elected and funds were pledged to allow the hall to continue to operate.



Members of the Fuchs family gathered at the Obi Obi Hall for their 50 year family reunion.


The Fuchs family settled in the Obi Obi valley in the nineteen sixties.


Umbrella Tree – Schefflera actinophylla – has arrived in the Obi Obi Valley

Native to North Queensland where it can grow as an epiphyte, umbrella trees are part of the vegetation along the coastal strip on the Sunshine coast and has now appeared in the valley.


Noticed along Obi Obi Rd



On Obi Obi Rd



At Lower Suses Pocket Rd.


Recent weddings at Obi Obi Hall







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