2015 Annual General Meeting


This Thursday, 24th November 2016 at 7.30pm.




A meeting of Community Hall Management Committee members



On 17.11.16, sixteen people from nine Hall Management Committees and one hall Trustee attended a get-together at Obi Obi Hall.

The aim of the meeting was to compare experiences, share knowledge and support each other.

Mapleton, Obi Obi, Belli, Valdora, Peachester, Mooloolah, Cooloolabin, Kureelpa, Eudlo and Gheerulla Halls were represented

The get-together was the result of an information session on not-for-profit organisations held for Hall Management Committees, which was arranged by Sunshine Coast Council and ran at Valdora Hall.

At the end of the session, the committee members attending found that they had much in common to discuss and that another meeting would be benificial.

Sunshine Coast Council is running a range of programmes to support Community Halls  and improve their exposure. Photos from the recent photo shoot conducted by Council at the Obi Obi Hall and other Halls will be used by Council to promote Community Halls.





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