Find a Frog in February – new Citizen Science program in Southern Queensland!

Our FROGS need YOU!

The Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee (MRCCC) is inviting people to help our frogs. Join in and collect as many frog records from as many parts of the Mary, Noosa and Burrum Rivers and coastal catchments from Burrum Heads to Peregian as possible. We’re aiming for 1000 records!!!


Orange-eyed treefrog (Litoria chloris)

Frogs world-wide are in decline (one third!), and Australia is no exception. They are early indicators of environmental change, and their welfare can directly reflect the health of the environmental support systems we rely on and enjoy.  The information gathered during Find a Frog in February will increase our knowledge of frog distributions, population levels, habitat requirements and breeding activity. Then we will be able to more thoughtfully manage our land and waterways. All records submitted will be entered into the Queensland Government’s WildNet database for access by researchers, educators, public, planners etc.

Find a Frog in February search area


Everyone in the Mary River, Noosa River, Kin Kin Creek and Burrum River catchments, and coastal drainages from Peregian to Burrum Heads  (including off-shore islands).


Hop outside after dark in February and look for frogs. Then make a record of your sighting by photographing them or recording their call. For full instructions on how to be a frogger go to the Frog Finder’s guide and watch our video on how to be the “Finest, Fantasticist, Flippin’ Frog Finder in this Fair Land”!!!

Fill out the FFF Blank Record Sheet save it to your PC with your name (eg SmithRecord1.pdf) and email it to us with your photos to

Also you can print and mail the Record Sheet and any photos/recordings to the MRCCC, PO Box 1027, Gympie, Qld 4570. Or drop it off at our Resource Centre at 25 Stewart Terrace, Gympie.


  • Click HERE to view our video on how to be the   “Finest, Fantasticist, Flippin’ Frog Finder in this Fair Land” 

Click here to see an Ornate burrowing frog calling!


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