The monthly Obi Surplus is on again next Wednesday, the 4th, starting at 9.30 am




Wes Johnston, born at Frog Hollow in the Obi Obi Valley invites all valley residents to his 80th birthday to be held at Obi Obi Hall, 3.00 pm on the 19.08.2018

Details to follow

Jason and Piper Johnston’s property Cedar Grove surrounds the Obi Obi Hall


One of the Johnston’s bulls




 Room to move downstairs

The result of the under stage storage room clean-up


A wedding on the 10.03.2018



Mexican bean tree

Native to tropical America

Recently discovered growing on the southern slopes of Buderim mountain

Queensland Government has declared Mexican Bean Tree as a category 2, 3, 4 and 5 restricted plant. If you have seen this plant, please contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.


A fast growing tree to 40 meters high

Cecropia pachystachya, C. palmata and C. peltata

Photos from Brisbane City Council


Young Southern Orange-eyed Treefrog

Often found inside the hall, hunting for insects attracted by the emergency exit lights which stay on 24 hours a day. This one was removed to outside the hall to avoid the usual fate of death by desiccation

Litoria chloris

Adults grow up to 70 mm long

See Queensland Museum 

Photo by Frogs of Australia


Maderia vine is flowering now


The photos below show the cream flowering vine in trees at

Obi Obi Creek Crossing number Four


Madeira vine is a Class 3 declared plant under Queensland legislation


Madeira vine is considered one of Australia’s worst environmental weeds


Eaten in Japan as a vegetable called Okawakame


It’s a good time for silky oak seedlings which are coming up around mature silky oak trees




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