At the last Obi Surplus a demonstration of pizza base preparation was held


A new years eve party

The Blackall Range Motorcycle Club would like to invite members and partners of the Obi Hall Committee, and Obi Bike Show Committee, to our New Years Eve party. The Club has secured a beautiful, private camping area by the river at Paulger’s Camping Grounds, Kenilworth. We will have a bonfire and music, and will have the Club barby to cook on. You would need to byo food and grog, and of course tent or van or whatever to camp in. There is plenty of room, and you could set up anytime on New Years Eve.

Regards, Ray Passmore, President, BRMCC.


Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade recently attended a grass fire in the Obi Obi Valley


Yoga classes will resume at Obi Obi Hall

on the 8th of January, starting at 5.00pm


Rainbow over the Blackall range


The Fuchs family held another gathering at the Obi Obi Hall

The Fuchs family settled in the Obi Obi valley in the nineteen sixties


50 more chairs were donated to Obi Obi hall

The hall now has 160 chairs


The last wedding for 2018


A new stove purchased

a Westinghouse gas/electric replacing our origional donated stove



Another potential environmental weed


A tough, long-lived, clumping shrub easily spread by seed and capable of growing through dense lananta patches


The dead Tree Detective

This project will allow people Australia-wide to report observations of tree death.

The aim of this project is to collect observations of dead or dying trees around Australia. It sounds a bit grim, but knowing where and when trees have died will help us to work out what the cause is, identify trees that are vulnerable, and take steps to protect them.


From – The Conversation




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