Kidaman Creek Hall Management Committee

Next meeting on 18.05.08 – SUNDAY

Our next general meeting will now be held on the 18.05.08, 1.30 pm at the Obi Obi Hall property. As well as discussing the Obi Obi building project we are hoping to do some building work on the Obi Obi hall. At present the swallows own the hall. They have been getting in through various broken boards up under the eaves and some missing exterior weather boards. Because of the birds, it is impossible to keep the hall clean. To block the access, boards need to be nailed across the gaps or wire netting could be used. It will be all ladder work and there is no electric power to the hall.

Our bank Account.

The management committee has been dealing with the changing of the signatures on our bank account, to allow our new treasurer to manage the account. Sounds simple, but no, it always takes ages because you are dealing with an association. There is extra security, involves multiple people and requires written approval of the association.


Inquiries are being made with people who could submit grant applications on our behalf. We have already contacted one company called “Red Tape Busters” and will appraise others. Red tape busters have a web site.

Boundary Fence

We need to fence out our neighbours cows. That requires fencing one side and the rear boundary and a cattle grid installed at the rear of the property. We have been given an rough quote for a fence, using barbed wire and wooden posts, up to $2,000.00. A Hooper’s steel cattle grid $2,145.00 plus the cost of placing it in the road.

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