A Management and Building Committee’s meeting

A meeting was held at the Obi Obi Hall on 14.06.08

Dennis Woodford, Cindy MacDonald, Alexina Johnson, John McKenzie, Will MacDonald and Zoë MacDonald met to discuss the hall renovation.

Progress to date.

Quotes for the repair of the roof, cladding and stumps are in progress. Two building surveyors have been contacted regarding the use of their services.


In order for contractors to be able to advise properly, a final plan for the hall facilities and the location of the toilet block has to be decided.

1. The hall. The kitchen type and location. Three options were discussed at our last general meeting on the 18.05.08, one proposed a kitchen and verandah addition on the side of the hall. The meeting decided that with limited funds, the highest priority should be the renovation of the hall and that the verandah and commercial kitchen extension could be undertaken in the future. The existing partitioned area was deemed not to be suitable. It was decided to plan for the addition of a small but complete kitchen extension to the right hand side of the stage. The proposed kitchen will be a great improvement on the most inadequate facilities available at present.

2. The placement of the toilet block is dependent on the type and location of the sewage treatment system. The soil structure determines the location and what type of treatment system is used. The first step will be to engage a soil evaluator to test the soil.


A soil evaluation test to be carried out. There is no electricity connected to the hall. An electrician is to be engaged to inspect the halls wiring, to allow electricity connection. Building contractor’s to be consulted.

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