Management Committee meeting on 10.06.08

On 10.06.08, Dennis Woodford, Cindy MacDonald, Pam Engle (management committee) and Tom Hampstead held a management committee meeting.

Pam and Cindy, after repeated complications in re-arranging our banking details, which included two visits to our Nambour bank, have transferred part of our funds into a term deposit and the remainder into a cash management account.

Tom submitted to the meeting a draft of the Obi Obi Hall Business plan, action plan and his newsletter for distribution in the local community. The newsletter was approved for distribution by email. Tom also presented a framed colour copy of the Architect’s impression of the Obi Project. The meeting was impressed with the amount of effort that Tom has put into the promotion of our association to the local community.

At the meeting, the management committee discussed.

1. The Obi Project. It was decided to again investigate the appropriate method for the restoration of the hall itself. The building committee has been asked to obtain quotes for the repair of the roof, cladding and foundations of the hall

2. The progress in getting insurance for the Obi Obi hall. Local insurance agents are to be contacted.

3. Our grant application. To be placed on hold until more accurate costings by the Building committee have been obtained. Expressions of interest in the future use of the hall are required to support the grant application. Letters of support from the community will also assist the application.

4. To seek information regarding involving Nambour TAFE in the repair of the Hall.

4. The toilet block. On the previous weekend Will and Cindy MacDonald took a fact finding tour of the nearby public toilet facilities. Cindy reported to the meeting their observations.

Tom Hampstead raised at the meeting the idea of assembling a Celebratory Book containing stories and history concerning the Obi Obi Hall. The Celebratory Book would provide a memento of events which would be published for sale at the opening of the refurbished hall. The costs of publishing to be financed by including the book as a part of the grant application for the Obi Project.

Tom has been assembling remembrances of the Obi Hall from the community and presented to the meeting for their consideration, a rough but extensive draft of the material obtained.

The management committee decided to support Tom’s idea for a Celebratory Book and will make further investigations.

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