Management Committee meeting on 27.05.08

On 27.05.08, Dennis Woodford, Cindy MacDonald, Pam Engle (management committee) and Tom Hampstead held a management committee meeting. At this meeting it was decided.

1. To proceed with Red Tape Busters with help in a combined grant application with Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade for extra funding for the Obi Project.

2. That Tom Hampstead organize a Business Plan and letters of support for the grant application.

3. To keep the local community aware of the work of our Association, Tom Hampstead has offered to publish a newsletter updating progress on the Obi project. This newsletter is to be circulated through the Obi and Kidaman Community.

4. To use Keith Brady (fencing contractor) to erect a boundary fence for the Obi property.

5. To erect a notice board at the Obi hall.

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