Sunshine Soast Regional Council

Cindy MacDonald, Pam Engle, Dennis Woodford, Alexina Johnson, Tom Hampstead and John Cutmore met with Councillor’s Jenny McKay and Paul Tatton from the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

From left, John, Paul, Jenny, Pam, Alexina, Tom and Cindy

10.00 am on Wednesday 18.06.08, the bird free Obi Obi Hall was once again the place to enjoy another Pam and Cindy morning tea. The actual purpose of this visit was to acquaint the councillors who represent the Obi and Kidaman area’s with the activities of our Association and the Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade. The Obi Obi Hall property is within the boundary of Jenny’s division 5 and Paul’s division 10 includes part of the Obi valley, so Jenny and Paul both attended this gathering. Over tea and cake we were able to give Paul and Jenny an overview of our plans for the Obi Property, our dealings with the previous Maroochy Shire Council and a small history of the recent steps along the way. The roots of this development goes back to 1992 and the progress to now is quite a story. Paul and Jenny were able to provide us with good information regarding grants, some practical tips on the management of the affairs of the Association and expressed their willingness to help with the Obi Project.

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