More Meetings

The management committee has had two recent meetings. On the 10.07.08 and the 15.07.08, both at Pam Engle’s home, where the day to day business activities of the association continued.

At our recent meeting with our Sunshine Coast Regional Council councillors, Jenny and Paul recommended to us, a grant consultant (Allan Mitchell from Toowoomba) whom they had worked with. We then contacted Allan and have arranged a meeting with him at the Obi Obi hall in the near future, to discuss applying for grants through him. Since his report cost is much less than Red Tape busters, we decided to investigate further. Allan has a similar approach to the grant process as does Red Tape Busters, though he has a definite price structure. $300.00 initial cost to give us a report, then if he is successful; his commission is 10% of the 1st $15,000.00 + 2.5 % of any amount above the 1st $15,000.00.

The management committee, all keen gardeners, has decided to devote a separate page on this blog that will provide information to help identify new arrivals from the plant world. This may help to combat the steady increase of invasive plants that is occurring in the valley.

Because of the sale of the Kidaman Creek Hall property, it was decided to investigate with Dept of Fair Trading Qld, the process involved in updating the Model Rules of our Association.

The leased area for the Obi Obi rural fire brigade.

We have been asked by the Dept of Emergency Services Qld (who handles the legals regarding the Fire Brigades lease) for more signatures by the Trustees of the Obi Obi property to the lease documents and to stamp an imprint of our Incorporation Seal to the plan of survey. This requires Herman Schwabe, Barry Johnson and a committee member to sign the document in the presence of a JP.

The Hall renovation.

The building committee has been consulting with a building surveyor and are together developing drawings for the renovation of the hall. At this planning stage, in order to keep costs down, both committees have enlisted the expertise of their friends to help provide the consultancy services needed. Everything comes with a cost, we get the services at a cheaper price but it takes longer.

John Cutmore with the aid of his tractor moved the spare fence posts and the 200 litre drum that were at the front of the hall to more suitable locations.

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