A meeting was held at the Obi Obi Hall.

Dennis Woodford (from the Kidaman Creek management committee) and Grahame Beljon (representing the Obi Obi Rural fire brigade) met with Alan Mitchell, a consultant in the grants industry. Alan had been recommended by our shire councillors as a grant applicator that they were happy to work with. Allan has much knowledge of the grant process and has worked with many local community organizations. He gave us some good feedback on grant applications.

Grahame Beljon (left) and Alan Mitchell

He made us aware of the fact that grant applications to Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund and the Gambling Community Benefit Fund require that any applications involving new buildings or renovations need to have prior council building approval. So, we cannot lodge a grant application until we get council approval for the renovation of the Obi Obi hall. This will add more time to the renovation process.

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