Another step along the way

The Obi project. The first step has been completed with the best possible result. Subject to council approval, we should be able to have a simple septic system installed where origionally envisaged. The type and positioning of a waste disposal system affects the planning of the area between the hall and the rear of the property. So, placing of the services for the hall required this information.

John McKenzie organized a consulting engineer, Campbell J Foster of Mapleton, to carry out a soil evaluation report for a proposed effluent disposal system at the Obi Obi Hall property. The report advised that there was a suitable position for adequate effluent disposal using a septic tank and absorption trench system on the property. This report will form part of our application to Council for building approval.

One part of the drawings in the soil evaluation report.

Proposed effluent disposal layout by Campbell Foster.

Roger Todd’s concept drawings were used as a basis for the above drawing. The positions for the fire shed and the toilet block positions will vary from what is shown above.

Campbell Fosters complete written report (adobe acrobat required) below.


Obi Project drawings. A Building Estimator from Maleny is working with John McKenzie to prepare our own preliminary drawings for the project

Architect Roger Todd. Roger was advised of our own vision for the Obi project. He has decided to withdraw from active participation with the Kidaman Creek Community Hall, as our vision conflicted with his own concept for the Obi Obi property. Rogers’s origional drawings and costing were instrumental in giving initial momentum to the renovation project. His services were supplied at a minimal cost. Roger requested that he be informed of progress with the hall renovation.

Electricity connection to the Obi Obi hall. Ron Kupiak (electrician) has been engaged to install an earth leakage detector and carry out any repairs needed to bring the wiring up to compliance standard.

Fencing. Keith Brady will be carrying out the fencing of the side and rear boundaries. A cattle grid and gate will have to be erected on Staves Rd at the rear of the property. An application to install a cattle grid and gate on Council property has been made to Sunshine Coast Regional Council through Councillor Paul Tatton.

Lease Documents. The latest documentation for the Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade have been signed and returned to the Dept of Emergency Services for legal processing.

Auditor. We have a new auditor. Pam Engle has found us a new auditor for our financial affairs. Peter Hennessey from Kenilworth. An audited financial statement is required for our annual return to the Office of Fair Trading, Queensland. This statement confirms that we are managing our financial affairs in a proper manner. The Office of Fair Trading requires an auditor to hold suitable accounting qualifications. The Office of Fair Trading is part of the Dept of Justice and Attorney-General, Qld.

The Model Rules of our Association. The model rules, or constitution, of an association govern its operations, including the rights of members, management committee obligations and meeting procedures. It sets out what each Association and its management committee can or cannot do.  Associations have Rules that relate to the particular aim of that Association and do vary between Associations. The  Rules of our association state that the main object of our association is to maintain a local community hall.  The checks and balances contained in the Rules allow Associations to self manage their own affairs, without any overriding control from State Government. The Rules allow the Association to exist via the management committee as a legal identity, to be able to conduct its own business dealings.  The Office of Fair Trading recommends an association reviews its rules at least every two years. Modifications to the rules of an association are made by the passing of a special resolution at a general meeting. An application to vary the existing rules, with the appropriate fees, is then made to the Office of Fair Trading, who will accept the variation if it falls within their own guidelines. Our Rules, originally adopted in 1992, have never been updated: now need to reflect the sale of the Kidaman Hall and the changing distribution of location of our members.

Invasive weed page. This page has now been published and can be accessed at the top right hand corner of this post. The page is a work in progress.

26.08.08. The management committee met at Pam Engle’s house. Two previous meetings had been held, but with reduced attendance due to sickness. Topics relating to the management of the Obi project and our Associations Model Rules were discussed. It was agreed to hold a general meeting when the preliminary building drawings are completed and then both the plans and the Model Rules can be discussed.

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