Boundary Fence. On 26/08/08, the Management Committee asked the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to consider the possibility of placing a cattle grid across Staves Road at the rear of the hall property. Our reason being, to increase the area available for parking at the hall by making full use of the road verge. On 07/10/08 this matter was followed up, and a Council officer visited the site with Dennis Woodford to assess the situation. The Council officer will compile a report to Council for their evaluation, and respond back to us.

The Management committee has been unwilling to proceed with the fencing of the property boundary until we receive back from Council their response to the cattle grid information request.

Insurance. A Insurance Broker has indicated that they are willing to proceed with an application for Public liability insurance for the Obi Obi Hall. At present the Hall has no public liability insurance, and this matter is being pursued.

Renovation. The Estimator,  has indicated that he is near to completion of the hall drawings.

Fire Shed. The finalization of the lease of land to Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade is subject to the approval of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council through compliance to their “Material Use” rules. The Dept of Emergency Services is taking responsibility for obtaining this approval. As well, the lease has to be signed by Dept of Emergency Services and the lease title document approved by the Titles Office.

The lease and Survey Plan (shown here) has been organized and surveyed by the Dept of Emergency Services. Part A of the plan is the leased area for the fire brigade. To make the lease legal, a peppercorn rent applies.

Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade now have their own blog, which can be accessed via the link on our Blogroll. Information can be found here regarding fires in the valley, lighting fires and fire permits, plus, the fire brigades contact details and functions.

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