A New Year

A new start.

Management committee meetings were held on the 02.12.08 and 15.01.09.

At the meeting on the 15.01.09, the management committee decided to start afresh with the drafting of drawings for the renovation of the Obi Obi Hall site.  A meeting of the Management Committee and the Building Committee to discuss  new plans and drafting service will be held at the Obi Obi Hall on the 18.01.09.

An electrician has repaired and checked the electricial wiring in the  Obi Obi Hall, and has approved the wiring for re-connection to the electricity supply.

The finalization of the lease of land to the Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade has been delayed.  The land on which the hall sits is considered by Sunshine Coast Regional Council to be flood prone, but they have no firm data to estimate actual flood levels. The Department of Emergency Services, bound by their “Duty of Care” is concerned that the leased area may not be suitable for a Fire Brigade building. They are  negiotating with Council and Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade over this matter. The Brigade has presented a submission to the Department of Emergency Service. This submission contains statements from long term residents   regarding flood levels at the Obi Obi Hall site. The residents have no recollection of any flooding at the site.

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