A different hall?

How the Management/ building Committees ended up back where they started from.

But with a enthusiastic new vision for a better Obi Obi Hall

Because the drafting person that we had engaged to provide  working drawings for the renovation of the hall, was not able to provide results according to our timetable, the management committee on the 15.01.09, decided to cancell his services and start afresh.  The cancelling of proceeding with the structural drawings for the present concept gave us a chance to re-assess the whole project and to revisit a renovation plan originally put forward by Lex Freiberg (builder) of  Kenilworth

The concept of a separate toilet block was proposed by the original architect, and in the early stages, since he had controll of the project, that concept was continued. Problems arose with the Architect and we moved on without his services,  using the services of a drafting person to produce working drawings, but still using the Architects origional concept of a separate toilet block.

The Management and Building committee’s, at a meeting with on 18.01.09, decided to look again at Lex’s  concept. We felt that there may be a better result with an addition to the hall itself of a toilet block and a proper kitchen, rather than a separate toilet block and an inadequate kitchen as presently planned. Could be cheaper to build, should provide a bigger parking parking area, and have all weather access to toilets.

Because of delays, we have  not been able to produce any working drawings following from the original concept drawings made by the Architect, but have incurred no costs. Total costs incurred so far include the original concept drawings costing $300.00, and the waste disposal system design costs $450.00. The basic design of the waste disposal system would cover both concepts, but would have to be amended under the new concept.

Below is a basic drawing for an integrated hall, toilet, and kitchen. The toilet and kitchen floors would be at the same height as the main hall floor. The existing hall roof  would be extended over the toilet/kitchen/deck addition. The toilet and kitchen internally and externally, would be constructed in a style similar to the existing hall.  Externally the hall will look nearly the same as before, but with a more rectangular profile. Internally, looking from the existing hall entrance, the interior will look the same as before, except with a new doorway at the right side of the stage.

Toilet and kitchen dimensions may vary slightly.


A general meeting will be held to discuss this new concept.

Other news

Public Liability insurance has been obtained for the Obi Obi Hall.

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