General Meeting 01.03.09

A General meeting will be held on Sunday, 01.03.09, 1.30pm at the Obi Obi Hall.

At this meeting the Management Committee would like to discuss their proposal for a changed Obi Obi hall concept.

Other developments

The Cattle grid. Councilors from the  Sunshine Coast Regional Council have arranged to meet with the Management Committee, in April, at the Obi Obi Hall, to discuss placing of a 2nd cattle grid on Staves Road.


The cattle grid would be placed across Staves Road at point 11 on the rear boundary of the hall property.

Fire Brigade lease. The Dept of Emergency Services have progressed with the processes involved with the legalization of the lease, and  the approval process for the fire shed. The lease legals should be fairly straight forward, but the approval process for the fire shed with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and the Queensland State Government may take at least 6 months, providing there are no problems along the way.

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