Hot at the hall

01.03.09.  Ten members attended a meeting at the Obi Obi Hall on  a hot, humid Sunday afternoon.

The meeting was held  in the shade at the front of the hall. The new plan for the renovation and extension of the Obi Obi Hall was presented to the meeting. Members presented ideas on variations and extensions to the plan. The disabled toilets, a roof over access ramp, steps at rear deck, extending the non-existent eaves on the roof of the hall, kitchen, and a  hall verandah were discussed.

All present were in favour of proceeding with the new concept, and a motion of approval was passed.

The Management Committee will find another building designer to develop the new concept.

See the earlier blog post below for the new hall plan drawing.

A different hall? Posted on February 19, 2009

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The hall is free of birds and their droppings, but rats  are still a problem. Another thorough cleanup will be organized.

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