Things that have been happening.


The management committee met at the Obi Obi hall  with a representative from a building design company. The proposed renovation of the hall, the kitchen and toilet extension, and the siting of water tanks were discussed. The company will respond with a quote for the cost of preparing working drawings. Costs of  siting of the water storage under the stage area are being investigated by the Building Committee.


Cindy and Will MacDonald, Pam Engle, Dennis Woodford and Grahame Beljon combined to complete a clean-up at the Hall.  The walls and floor were thoroughly washed out using using a high pressure water hose, and  all possible unnecessary items were removed from inside, and under the hall.  The porch floor was repaired using material donated by Will and Cindy.



Dennis Woodford attended a meeting of the Kenilworth & district Chamber of Commerce & Citizens Inc, Management Committee, where an update on developments at the Obi Obi Hall was given. This presentation was in response to a request from the Kenilworth & district Chamber of Commerce & Citizens Inc,  Management Committee for information about the Obi Obi Hall


A management committee meetion was held at Pam Engle’s house. Decisions were made regarding the new hall design with a building design company being selected to quote for the production of working drawings. The coming Annual General Meeting, holding hall gatherings  and insurance were also discussed.

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