Another start.

Obi Obi Hall. The Management Committee has accepted a quote  from  EBIS Engineering & Building Investigation Service (Buddina) for the design details and drafting of working drawings for the Hall. Because we are a community Organization, EBIS are giving us a 15% discount on the total cost of their work.

This involves, building inspection & report, a soil test at the hall stumps, stump design, building energy rating design, structural design, and then working drawings.

With working drawings, the next two further steps will be taken,  the Building Committee will obtain quotes for the actual renovation and a Building Certifier will be employed to make an application to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council for its approval of the renovation.

The Cattle Grid on Staves Road. The planned meeting on 03.04.09,  at the Obi Obi Hall with Councillors Mackay and Tatton, to discuss the  cattle grid, was cancelled at the last moment. As there was flooding rain that day, and  getting around the valley was problematic, the cancellation was probably for the better, though it meant another delay for progress on the proposed hall property boundary fence. A new meeting is being organized.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council, through their annual  funding for Community Groups programme, have donated $400.00 to our Association. This sole programme will replace all previous grant or funding arrangements by Council, including Councillor discretionary funding. This means that in future years we will have to formally apply for a grant for a particular project that will have to be carried out in the same year, and we will have to supply an acquittal form for the project at the end of that financial year.

Our coming AGM. The management Committee would like to change the name of our Association (the secretary would prefer a short name). The existing name “Kidaman Creek Community Hall Inc” does not reflect the changed circumstances of the property owned and dispersion of  its members. Also they would like to change the rule that defines who is eligible to be a member. At present rule 4 of our model rules defines a member, as being one who resides within a 6km radius of the Kidaman Creek Hall property, which no longer formally exists. These type of changes are made through the Qld Govt Department of Justice & Attorney-General, who is responsible for the administration of the legal affairs of Associations. Two Small fees of around $25.00 apply.

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