Our AGM, it nearly happened

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) planned for 7.00pm on the 29th April 2009 at the Kenilworth Hall, Supper Room, Maleny-Kenilworth Rd, Kenilworth, was not able to be held, because an  insufficient number of members were available on the night to obtain a quorum of  members (A Quorum – The minimal number of officers and members of a committee or organization, who must be present for valid transaction of business).

The Cattle Grid. On 29.04.09, Pam Engle (Management Committee) and Grahame Beljon (Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade) met with Paul Tatten (Sunshine Coast Regional Council) and a Sunshine Coast Regional Council Council engineering representative, to discus the proposed cattle grid on Staves road. Pam and Grahame outlined our reasons for placing a grid on Staves Road, which appeared to be understood by the  Council representatives. The following tentative agreement was reached by the parties involved. That, if a grid is allowed, two options were presented. One, the cost of  supply of a grid  to be borne by the Kidaman Creek Community Hall Inc and the placement of the grid in Staves Road to be carried out by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council Council. Two,  the council buys and installs the grid and the Association and the Fire Brigade makes a substantial contribution towards the total cost of the project.  Council will respond to us with their decision regarding allowing the grid.

A Management Committee Meeting was held on 11.05.09 at Pam Engle’s house.

AGM 2008. It was decided that our 2008 AGM will  now be held on Friday 29th May 2009 at the Kenilworth Hall, Supper Room, Maleny-Kenilworth Rd, Kenilworth at 7.30pm, for an 8.00pm meeting opening.

Eligible membership. One of the items on the agenda for the attempted AGM on 29.04.09 was the modification of the eligibility rule for members.  The Management Committee discussed this issue again, and because membership is presently confined to the Obi Obi valley , has decided to include in the agenda for the posponed AGM on 29.05.09, as well as the eligibility, the subject of the division of  our membership into classes of  ordinary and associate members.

Obi Obi Hall. Preliminary drawings for the renovation of the Obi Obi Hall have been received from  EBIS Engineering & Building Investigation Service. These drawings have been approved by the management Committee and EBIS will be given permission to proceed to develop working drawings. In deciding the design principles for the Hall renovation, the need to get the hall operational as soon as possible was a high priority, with the lengthy process of  grant applications being a complicating  factor. Grant applications to the Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund take six months to complete and if we required extra funds to complete the renovation, it would add six months to the process. In order to keep the costs within our existing available resources,  the Management Committee has tried to keep the cost of renovations and extensions to the minimum required. Further modifications if required can be carried out at a later date. Working drawings should be available after about one month after EBIS has permission to proceed, then quotes can be obtained for the cost of renovation.

It was decided that for the purposes of proper accounting and future audits the Obi Obi Hall property will be valued by a independent Property Consultant. At present the Management Committee does not have a current value for the hall property.

Fire Brigade Lease. The Management Committee has received notice that the lease documents for the lease of land to the Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade via the Dept Of Emergency Services has been legally approved.  The leases are for two approximate periods of ten years dating from the 30.10.2007, and expiring on 01.06.2027, no options. Rental, $1.00 per year on demand. Legalization of the lease does not complete the process of allowing the Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade  to use the leased area to erect a building. The leased area still has to have its Material Use zoning changed to allow it to be used by the Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade ,  and  the problem of the Hall property being in a Council designated flood prone area is still being investigated. These matters are being handled by the Dept Of Emergency Services.

Preliminary drawings.

may not be to scale


Side elevation viewed from Staves rd


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