Management Committee Meeting 17.08.09

Meeting held at Pam Engle’s Home.

Obi Obi Hall.

The property. The northern and western boundaries of the property have been fenced. Negotiations with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council regarding the cattle grid have been successfull, with the Council approving the placing of a grid in Staves Road at the rear boundary fence line.  Negotiations with Council regarding installation cost sharing are continuing.

The building. The Management Committee, following representation by concerned members regarding the suitability of the toilets for disabled people, have investigated disabled toilet facilities; and have  asked the building designers Ebis to delay completion of the working drawings for the Obi Obi hall to allow time for the Committee to address these concerns.

General Meeting 23.07 09

At the Kenilworth Hall, Supper Room. Kenilworth

This meeting was held to discuss the residential eligibility of  members of our Association, and the proposed name change for the Association.  After much discussion, the meeting moved motions confirming the following resolutions.

Resolution 1. To change the name of the Association to ‘Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek  District Community Hall Inc`

Resolution 2. To change our existing Model Rule 4, (1) for an ordinary member.

To define an ordinary member as one who has currently resided for 3 months within the area defined by a 6km radius of the site of the original Kidaman Creek Hall property at 11 Kidaman Creek Road,  Kidaman Creek Queensland joined to a 6km radius of the Obi Obi Hall property, 856 Obi Obi Road Obi Obi, Queensland.

Resolution 3. To change the class of membership defined in Model Rule 4, (1) Part a – Interested landholders, or tenants who have currently resided for three months within a 6km radius of the site of the original Kidaman Creek Hall.

To – Associate membership consisting of interested people who reside outside the ordinary membership area, which does not include voting rights or representation on the Management Committee.

Resolution 4. To create a new class of Special membership, with voting and Management Committee rights, consisting of past financial members as of 23.07.09, and/or persons who have demonstrated commitment to the Kidaman Creek and/or Obi Obi Halls.

An application by our Secretary to be made to The Department of Fair Trading, Queensland, to confirm these changes to our Model Rules.

The meeting also decided that another change should be made to the Model Rules, Model Rule, Part 7 (1) regarding ratification of new members. That – all future applications for membership are to be decided by the management Committee and ratified by members of the Association at the following General Meeting. This amendment to our Model Rules will be raised at a future General Meeting.

Management Committee Meeting 26.06.09

Meeting held at Pam Engle’s Home.

Model Rules. In order to check whether or not the Association had the latest version of our Model Rules,   the Department of Fair Trading will be asked to provide a copy of their copy of our Model Rules.

Obi Obi Hall. Concerns regarding the design of the disabled toilets were raised.

Coming General meeting. The date (23.07.09),  adjenda, and the need for  a proxy vote form were discussed and decided.

Annual General Meeting 29.05 09.

Held at the Kenilworth Hall, Supper Room. Kenilworth

At the meeting the following were elected.

Steve Walker –  President, Rodney Heading – Vice president, Dennis Woodford – Secretary, Pam Engle – Treasurer.

Building Committee – John McKenzie, Rodney Heading and Al Scot.

Auditor – Peter Hennesy of Kenilworth.

The Model rules, particularly the rule regarding the eligibility of members  and a new name for our Association were the major topics for discussion. The meeting decided that a future General Meeting would be held to discuss alterations to the Model Rules.

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