Management Committee Meeting 14.09.09

The members of the Management Committee met at Pam Engle’s home.

Obi Obi Hall. Below is  a drawing from Ebis (building designer), which is  the result of recommendations from members and others with experience of the needs of people with disabilities.

final disabled toilet2

Toilets. In the disabled toilet, the flush toilet is situated in the centre of the cubicle, which will allow wheelchair access from either side, with fold down grab rails on both sides also providing flexible usage, and it includes a baby change area beside the hand basin.

disabled rail11

Uni-sex toilets were selected to provide maximum flexible usage of the remaining available space. Each uni-sex toilet will contain a hand basin and mirror.

This revised toilet plan was discussed and  accepted by the Management Committee, with no changes to the balance of the hall design. Ebis will be asked to complete the working drawings for the hall renovation.

Other recommendations to improve access for the disabled and elderly, to and from the  hall and stage, were also received. The need to cater for the moving of heavy music equipment was  also raised. Further investigations into these matters will be made.

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