Slowly, one  step at a time.

The Secretary, after a couple of weeks of learning how not to fill in a Development Application Form 1, Part A, Version 3.1, managed to, on the 03.12.09( with the help of  the Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s, Nambour  customer service centre ), lodge the Obi OBi hall’s Preliminary approval for building works application.

Because the hall was built before 1945, it falls within the Council”s guide-lines  for property with possible heritage values, requiring this application. No Council fee involved, with minimal other costs.

The application including copies of our working drawings and a title search, will provide the Council with enough information to determine if the proposed hall renovations confirm with Councils heritage policy. Council’s verdict in this matter is not expected until January, 2010. When this application is approved, a Building Works application can be made.

Please note that Council’s customer service centre has provided sympathetic and helpfull assistance.

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