Management/Meeting at Pam Engles home on 09.11.09.

As a result of the amendment to the Model Rules membership criteria, a motion was presented and passed at the meeting to allow Bob Dyer, Virginia Dyer and Rodney Heading to be admitted to the Association as Special members.

Obi Obi Hall.

When we went to Council to inquire about lodging a Building Works application, we were told that there could be a problem with the size of the extension. Because the property adjoined a main road (Obi Obi Rd), it was considered over the limits for the increase in the floor area for the current zoning for the hall, and that Council may require a material change of use re-zoning of the hall property to allow the extension. Council regulations are that under the existing zoning for our property (sustainable pastoral land), a 10% increase or a maximum of 50 sqm of floor area, which-ever is the smallest is permitted. The hall’s existing floor space is 197.40 sqm, and the additional area 63.90 sqm, well over the allowed limit of 19.74 sqm. They use the term intensification of use. That came as quite a shock. We asked Councillor Paul Tatton for help in this matter, and Paul has informed us that Council has decided that the toilet and kitchen are essential to the hall and that the extension will not be classed as an intensification of use.

Council has asked us to make a Preliminary approval for building works application to see if the additions are consistent with Councils heritage policy. If this is successfull the Building Works application can then be made.

The management Committee approached Lex Freiburg to become project manager for the hall renovation. Lex accepted this position and has volunteered his services at no cost. Lex’s decision to take on this role was received with enthusiasm by the Committee; Lex is a builder and his expertise will help ensure the best possible outcome.

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