Good news.

The  modification of our Model Rule regarding membership has been finalized.  We have received confirmation from Fair Trading Qld, of the amendments to our Model Rule on membership classes.


model rule change comfirmation2

Extract from the application form to Fair Trading for the rule change.

Obi Obi Hall

On Saturday, the 31.10.09, the Management and Building Committees met with Lex Freiburg at the Obi Obi Hall.

Here, to enable an accurate costing of the amount of repair work required to the existing building, the Building Committee and Lex checked the condition of the hall’s structural members. It was found that the floor and the  structural members supporting it were sound, (the floor boards are shot edge not tongue and groove). The wall framework, apart from the front wall are also sound. The front wall has suffered white ant damage to some of the wall studs, which will have to be replaced. The roof members apart from some batten damage are in good condition. Some windows will have to be replaced. It was found that a design detail on the Ebis drawings for the roof eave extension was  unclear, Ebis will be contacted for clarification. To allow better access to the kitchen from the carpark,  it was decided to add to the drawings, an external door to the side wall of the kitchen. Utilization of the space under the floor of the stage for equipment storage was looked at. If we are to hire the hall for a variety of purposes, we may have to provide tables and chairs, these will have to be stored somewhere. The transfer of band equipment from outside to the stage is another problem could also be improved.

Obi Obi Rural Fire Brigade.

There has been changes at the Brigade. See the Brigade Blog on the Blogroll at right for details.

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