Our Annual General Meeting AGM) will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday, the 25th of March, 2010, at Kenilworth Hall, Kenilworth.

The agenda for the meeting will be to elect a new Management Committee.

Nominations for Management Committee positions should be made in writing, signed by the candidate, their nominee and seconder and lodged with the Secretary 14 days before the meeting.

Current financial members can renew their membership on the night, before the meeting.

For applications for new membership, contact the Secretary. Applications for membership have to be considered at a Management Committee meeting.

The renovation.

A search of the records of the Department of Environment and Resource Management has not revealed any Aboriginal cultural heritage on the hall property, but this does not finalize the matter, it only means that no Aboriginal cultural heritage has been reported to the Department. Therefore; the Department of Environment and Resource Management has recommended that our Association contact a representative of the aboriginal party for our area, the Jinibara People, for their opinion as to whether or not Aboriginal cultural heritage exists on the property.

Sunshine Coast regional Council has informed us the a cattle grid can be placed in Staves Road. Cr Paul Tatton and Cr Jenny McKay have allocated $10,000.00 for the placement of a grid that will be supplied by our Association.

Ebis has been asked to make minor modifications to our hall drawings. There will a external door added to the north west wall of the kitchen, this will allow easier transfer of catering supplies. An external access door for the loading of stage equipment is to be placed in the wall between the disabled ramp access deck and the left storage area on the stage. To provide a storage area for water and hall equipment, a concrete slab will be placed at ground level under the stage area.

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