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Our Cultural heritage obligations

Contact with the Jinibara People regarding cultural heritage was a condition of our preliminary approval for building work.

We have received confirmation from the Department of Environment and  Resource Management, that the Jinibara People will be notified, and that no further action is required.

The Jinibara people, consisting of the Dungidau, Dal:a (Dallambara or Dalla), and Nalbo clans, were known as the inland people. Mwoirnewar was the name used by the coastal people, a collection of the Dulingbara, Gabi Gabi (Gubbi Gubbi) and Undumbi clans.

The Dal:a clan occupied the area from the head of the Mary River at Conondale to the Obi Obi and Kenilworth areas , where the Gabi Gabi  boundary started.  The establishment of a cattle station in 1853, displaced the Dal:a clan who moved to the Kilcoy area.

The Cattle grid. A cattle grid has been purchased  from J Hooper of Montville and delivered to the Obi Hall by Ross Hopper of Maleny. Both were generous in in their dealings. Sunshine Coast Regional Council has been notified, and will be installing the grid when it eventually stops raining.

The Obi Obi Hall ownership.

The Obi Obi Hall property is jointly owned by Trustees: the Obi Obi & Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Inc, Hermann Schwabe and Barry Johnson.  Obtaining the consent of all Trustees  for the  legal and financial dealings  associated with ownership of the property, adds complications to the running of our association .

The Management Committee, with the hope of having the Association act as sole Trustee, recently  sought an opinion from our Solicitor on the possible removal of Trustees from the ownership. Their advice was that neither Herman nor Barry can be removed as Trustees, only replaced, and also advised that in the case of any claims of public liability the Trustees should be given insured indemnity.

The history of the ownership of the Obi Obi Hall property.

In 1994, with the Kidaman Creek hall blown down and the Obi Obi hall in the control of the Public Trustee, the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek communities combined together to resolve the situation. This began  at a meeting of the Kidaman Creek Hall Association in November 1995, where a motion to investigate the transfer the Obi Obi property from the Public Trustee  to the Association was passed.  There was a problem in  that the Public Trustee did not have the power to transfer sole ownership to an Association incorporated under their 1981 Act, including our Association.  Two Trustees were required to share the ownership with the Association.

Hermann Schwabe and Barry Johnson, both members of the Association at the time, elected to become Trustees with the origional intention that ownership be later transferred solely to the Association . On the 01.04.99, the ownership was transferred via a Deed of Appointment of  Trustee, to Herman, Barry, and the Association in equal shares.

It should not be forgotten that decision of Hermann and Barry, to take on the responsibility of trustees, greatly simplified the return of the Obi Obi property to our community.

Please note. A new page has been added. This page contains application forms for membership to the Association and the Management Committee.

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