There has been a complication with gaining approval to erect a Fire Brigade shed at the Obi Obi hall property. The Department of Emergency Services has received advice from the Dept of  Community Safety, that, according to their criteria, the leased site for the  shed is flood prone and therefore, the Dept of Emergency Services  is unable to give permission to erect a building there. The Obi Obi Rural Fire brigade has enlisted the help of Independent Member of Queensland State Parliament  Peter Wellington in this matter.

Dennis Woodford and Pam Engle attended a meeting on-site with Peter Wellington, John Cutmore, Grahame Beljohn from the Obi Obi Rural Fire brigade, two members of Kenilworth Rural Fire Brigade, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS), Acting Assistant Commissioner  Paul Adcock and QFRS Director of Rural Operations Gary Seaman.

This meeting was held to make QFRS aware of  the need for the Dept of Emergency Services to consider the knowledge of older residents  concerning flooding in the Valley. Advice obtained from adjacent property owners state that their recollection is that there has been no flooding there in the last 50 years, neither does Sunshine Coast Regional Council have any recorded flooding information: and that  from the time that the Obi Obi Hall was erected, the community is not aware of any flooding at this site. As a result of this meeting, Peter Wellington and QFRS have decided to ask the Dept of Emergency Services to review their decision to deny permission to erect the shed.

Hermann Schwabe has also enlisted the aid of Peter Wellington.  Hermann has asked Peter if he can be of any help in getting the Public Trustee to allow the Obi Obi and Kidaman Creek District Community Hall Inc to become the sole Trustee for the Obi Obi hall property. The Management Committee has offered their support to Hermann in this matter.

Our Trustees, as co-owners of the Obi Obi hall property, have been added to our  public liability insurance.

A team from Sunshine Regional  Council is currently installing the cattle grid. Upon completion, a gate  and  fencing will be added.

Notices have been placed in the Mary Valley Voice and The Range News asking for expressions of interest from builders interested in the renovation of the Obi Obi Hall. Five responses have been received so far. Quotes from builders will be sourced  when building approval  is received from Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

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